Adrian Newey’s exit from Red Bull is reportedly gathering pace.

The car design legend has “informally communicated” his wish to quit to his colleagues, Sky report.

“He has decided that he does want to leave the team,” their report stated.

“Sky Sports News understands from senior figures within the sport that Newey has informally communicated to senior colleagues his wish to cut his near two-decade ties to the team.”

The shock news emerged late on Thursday that one of the brains behind Red Bull’s F1 dominance wanted out.

The team responded with a statement: “Adrian is contracted until at least the end of 2025 and we are unaware of him joining any other team.”

But it was widely reported, including by the BBC, that it was Newey’s intention to quit Red Bull.

“Multiple senior figures that I’ve spoken to have expressed that there is discontent from Newey,” Sky’s Craig Slater reported.

Newey’s exit will have Ferrari, Aston Martin and Mercedes on high-alert.

Red Bull’s chief technical officer is widely considered the greatest-ever F1 car designer.

He is credited with a huge role in the four consecutive drivers’ championships won by Sebastian Vettel.

And Newey’s fingerprints are all over this year’s RB20 which Max Verstappen is devastatingly dominating the sport with.

Verstappen is also set for a fourth F1 title in a row in cars created by Newey.

But, after months of off-track turmoil surrounding the Christian Horner controversy, it seems that Red Bull will now lose one of their key men.