McLaren have unveiled a significant upgrade package at this weekend’s F1 Miami Grand Prix.

In a bid to close the gap to the front, the British squad have brought a host of updates to try and improve their MCL338 challenger.

There are a total of 10 elements that make up the major upgrade, with Lando Norris the only driver running the full package on his car.

McLaren team principal Andrea Stella has confirmed that Oscar Piastri, who only has around 50% of the package in Miami, will have the full updates for the next race at Imola.

Sky’s pitlane reporter Ted Kravitz explained the changes McLaren have made to their car.

“McLaren have 10 upgrades – and most of them are at the front of the car,” he said.

“It’s an entirely new front wing, it’s a new front corner, new front suspension geometry, and new front brake duck.

“This is all about getting the front of the McLaren to work better in low-speed corners.

“They have copied a little bit of the Red Bull sidepod inlets. They gave some new cooling louvres, a new rear wing, a new rear suspension, and a new rear beam wing.

“An astonishing number of upgrades from McLaren – no wonder Ferrari are a bit worried.”

McLaren’s Miami upgrade package in full:

1) Front Wing

2) Front Suspension

3) Front Corner

4) Floor Body

5) Sidepod Inlet

6) Coke/Engine Cover

7) Cooling Louvres

8) Rear Suspension

9) Rear Corner

10) Beam Wing

Asked what he is expecting from the upgrade package, Norris replied: “Hopefully a quicker car. I think it’s reasonable.

“It definitely should be obvious for when I’m behind the wheel in terms of finding some good steps forward. But it’s not necessarily directed at helping all of our weaker areas, which is something we’re still aiming for and working very hard to try and improve.

“But anything that’s going to try and make the car go quicker – especially when it’s so tight – is going to help. So, we wouldn’t have pushed so hard to try to bring it here on a sprint race unless we were hoping [it helps].”