The F1 Miami Grand Prix will not feature the pre-race driver introductions that caused a stir last year.

In 2023, every F1 driver on the grid was introduced to an adoring crowd before the grand prix in a ceremony led by rapper LL Cool J.

The unique show was not a resounding success, and was met with scathing criticism from many fans watching on TV and from the grandstands.

Additionally it required drivers to spend extra time in the hot sun before the race, which did not go down well.

But before Sunday’s 2024 grand prix, the pre-race show has been rethought.

There will be no driver introductions, for a start, Motorsport report.

Instead, a giant screen will run through the 20 drivers who will race.

Marc Anthony, a six-time Grammy winner, will sing the American national anthem.

Musicians Ed Sheeran, John Summit, Kaytranada and Steve Aoki have also performed during the weekend.

Guenther Steiner has told drivers to embrace the changing format for the showpiece Miami event.

The former Haas team principal is now an ambassador for the Miami Grand Prix.

He said: “I think the drivers need to understand that they’re in a unique spot.

“If something is new, it’s easier to be negative than positive.

“Even if you don’t enjoy it, put your best effort into it because it makes a lot of people happy.

“Obviously, racing needs to be the most important thing, but you can give people a lot of entertainment outside of the racing.

“Maybe 20 years ago, we just wanted to go and see a race, but now kids want to have a full experience and I think Miami has brought that to the calendar.

“Promoters saw that this works because you attract people to the sport, which is what we want.”