Marc Marquez and Pecco Bagnaia have apportioned the responsibility of blame towards one another over the collision that eliminated both from the Portuguese MotoGP late on at Portimao.

The Ducati duo were disputing fourth place as they entered the final three laps of the race with Marquez lining up an overtake at the Turn 5 left-hander.

However, after the lunge sent the Gresini Ducati subsequently slightly off line, Bagnaia’s attempt to respond with the cut-back to the inside on the exit would instead see the pair meet at the apex and make contact.


Sending both riders down and out of the race for their first non-score of the year, while FIM stewards ultimately ruled it to be a racing incident and decided against no penalties for either rider, for Marquez – who famously earned a rebuke for wiping out Miguel Oliveira at Portimao in 2023 – it was an incident triggered by the defending champion.

“For me, it was a mistake from Pecco, but not just the incident. Because in the end he tried to come back [underneath] and, OK was too optimistic, but contact can happen,” he told

“But it was a mistake because we were fighting for 5th, 6th position. Two more points, two less. And he was suffering a lot with the tyres, especially with the rear tyre.

“So in the end, when three laps remain, you know that you will lose the position, so it’s not necessary to come back in that aggressive mode. But, he decided like this. The consequence to Ducati is 0 points [for both of us].”

Bagnaia, who loses his championship lead to Jorge Martin after two rounds, wasn’t in agreement however, insisting his switch-back to the inside wasn’t ‘risky’.

 “When he overtook me, he went wide,” the Italian said. “When a guy is riding in front of you, that you are battling, goes wide? What do you want to do? Overtake him again to take more points?

“From my side, it wasn’t risky.

“When Marc arrived, he tried to overtake. He went wide. I tried to cross the line. He crossed his line. And we collided.

“It’s something that makes me angry. But it’s normal. It’s a racing incident. We have to move on.”