In the round-up: Lewis Hamilton is hopeful the new track surface at the Circuit de Catalunya will promote better racing.

What they say

Hamilton wasn’t impressed with the new surface during pre-season testing but thinks it could make for a better race:

It’s a very closed asphalt, very smooth and shiny. If you look at the test we were blistering, it was hard initially to get the temperature into the tyres but I think we had a test day which was not dissimilar to a day like this. We did the race run on those and had blistering back then.

[We] still had all the wear that we would normally have, but it was a lot faster. The race is going to be a lot faster this weekend.

I think the track has changed a little bit compared to where we were in testing. The tracks always shift through more people using it, the weather, the rain over the period of time since testing and today. I think it’ll continue to evolve as normal through the weekend. I think track-grip-wise it could potentially provide a little bit better racing because the mechanical grip is better.

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