MIAMI – Daniel Ricciardo said Lance Stroll did not reach out to apologise for their collision behind the safety car at the Chinese Grand Prix two weeks ago.

Stroll drove into the back of Ricciardo’s car as the pack slowed ahead of a restart in Shanghai.

Ricciardo said Stroll had “made his blood boil” in the immediate aftermath of the incident when he found out the Canadian had suggested he was at fault.

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In the two weeks since, Ricciardo said there has been no attempt from Stroll to reach out.

When asked if he would seek Stroll out to talk about the incident, Ricciardo said: “I would say no, because I feel it’s not going to go anywhere. “If he texted just saying, ‘Yeah, you know, my bad’, whatever… I can accept an apology, I’m not that much of an asshole. But the fact that there’s not even that…

“He clearly doesn’t think he did anything wrong. So I guess there’s not much to say.

“Obviously, if we sit next to each other in the drivers’ briefing and he wants to chat, I’m not going to ignore him or anything.”

Meanwhile, Stroll refused to engage journalists when asked about the situation in a news conference on Thursday ahead of the weekend’s Miami Grand Prix.

He said: “Those talks are not for this room. It’s for behind closed doors,” and did not comment further on the matter.