Red Bull will intervene to call off any future fights between their drivers which threaten to get out of control, Max Verstappen believes.

Verstappen told media including RaceFans in Spain the team will act to prevent a repeat of his race-ending collision with Daniel Ricciardo in Azerbaijan.

“If it maybe is like Baku again I think at one point the team will say maybe calm down a bit and follow each other the last few laps,” he said.

“In general I think they still trust us. We also understand we don’t want that to happen again.”

The team said it blamed both drivers for the collision. Asked if he regretted any of his actions during the race, Verstappen said: “Just the final one together, I think we didn’t want to crash together.” He and Ricciardo will leave “a little bit more margin” in future, he added.

The relationship between the two drivers remains good despite the crash, said Verstappen. “We have a lot of respect for each other and we realise it was a mistake. You don’t like to crash with each other but there are no bad feelings at all.”

The pair were summoned to Red Bull’s factory to explain the collision and apologise to the team. “We are all racers so I think we all understand it can happen,” said Verstappen.

“We have done it before to explain our weekend to them, to thank them for the work hours they’re putting in to provide us with such a car and keep developing it as well. Now of course there was also at the end with an apology which I think is quite normal after such a weekend.”

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