Former F1 team boss Eddie Jordan has suggested Adrian Newey could “take time out and just cruise for a while” following his Red Bull exit.

On Wednesday Red Bull confirmed the legendary 65-year-old car designer would be leaving the team in “early 2025” after a nearly two decades at the reigning world champions.

Newey thanked his “close friend and manager” Jordan in Red Bull’s press release announcing his departure.

David Coulthard asked Jordan what involvement he had in advising Newey when speaking on the latest episode of their Formula For Success podcast.

“Whatever his decision, we wish him well. In this case, I’m joining you [Coulthard] on the fence and I’m not going to say what is likely my advice, but you know, we do speak a lot,” Jordan said. 

“We do cycle an awful lot. I see him virtually every day for a two, three month period in the middle of our Christmas up here where it’s summertime in Cape Town.

“We’re next-door neighbours so to speak, and so there are certain things I know about and certain things he knows about me. But you know, my lips are sealed – you won’t get a word out of me!”

 - Adrian Newey (GBR), Red Bull Racing , Technical Operations Director and Eddie Jordan

– Adrian Newey (GBR), Red Bull Racing , Technical Operations Director and…

Newey has already been heavily linked with Red Bull’s rivals – including Ferrari, Mercedes and Aston Martin – amid speculation surrounding his future.

But Jordan would not be surprised to see Newey take some time out and focus on his other interests, such as sailing.

“If I’m being honest, in all the time we cycle [together] there wouldn’t be any professional interference or looking for knowledge,” Jordan added.

“This is just idle gossip as you would stop for a coffee.

“Remember that he’s been in Red Bull under constant pressure. He started off in that team in a very lowly seventh or eighth in the championship.

“I don’t know how many races they have won now with him and Christian [Horner, team principal] there, it’s probably about 118 [sic] or thereabouts – that’s ridiculous amounts of pressure.

“So if he’s going to take time out and just cruise for a while, then everyone would understand that. And I think that’s probably more likely to see rather than diving into any other possible employment career.

“I very much doubt if Adrian has spoken to anybody in that regard.

“Things have slightly changed, he’s got a bit older. This is a great team, he’s had great drivers, he’s got great personnel there. I can understand if he’s looking for a little bit of time out.”