Williams team principal James Vowles has revealed that he has held talks with Adrian Newey and is looking to sign the legendary F1 designer.

Red Bull confirmed on Wednesday ahead of this weekend’s Miami Grand Prix that Newey, regarded as the greatest technical director in F1 history, will leave in early 2025 after nearly two decades at the team.

The 65-year-old’s future is currently unknown but Ferrari are red hot favourites to sign Newey, with the Italian outfit reportedly pushing “hard” to secure his services.

It has now emerged that Williams have thrown their hat into the ring, with Vowles confirming the team are hoping for a reunion with Newey.

“I’ve known Adrian for a while anyway, and I spoke to him Friday. I’m sure we’ll be talking again, very shortly as well,” Vowles told Autosport.

“He is an icon of our sport. There is no doubt about it. Every team he’s been to since Williams has been championship material. And that’s not a coincidence, that is just simply the effect he has on the sport.

“It would be remiss of me to not be talking to him. It is as simple as that.”

Newey previously worked for Williams in 1991 and helped design the FW14B that Nigel Mansell took to the world championship title in 1992.

His cars also won the world championship in 1993, 1996 and 1997. Newey went on to join McLaren, winning further world titles, before he made the switch to Red Bull in 2006.

Newey has played a role in all of Red Bull’s F1 wins and world championship successes.

Vowles stressed his early conversations with Newey have only been “very light discussions”.

“I think we as Williams have a huge amount of work to do. Adrian or not, our task is enormous – and Adrian wouldn’t make it easier, but that’s the whole point,” he said.

“I think we also have to be sensible about it. Our conversations with him have been very light. But even so, are we in discussions? Yes. Very light discussions. But to answer your question, would it be a dream team? Yes.”