Lewis Hamilton was at Mercedes’ test center recently to check out the evolution of the manufacturer’s upcoming 1,000-horsepower limited-production hypercar.

Deliveries for the hybrid beast won’t start until 2021, but Hamilton got an exclusive look at the ONE’s latest specification, which includes a 1.6-liter V6 F1 engine!

Draped in a stylish camouflage livery, the outrageous machine certainly got Ham’s attention.

“It’s like a bullet. It’s incredible – the speed it picks up,” commented the six-time world champion. “The sound is pretty much exactly the same as it is in a racecar.”

It’s unsure if Lewis will one day become a ONE proud owner, but his former Mercedes nemesis Nico Rosberg has already put in a down-payment for his own ONE.

Indulge yourself Lewis!

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