Romain Grosjean has been given a three-place penalty for the Monaco Grand Prix for his crash on lap one of the Spanish Grand Prix.

The stewards issued the following verdict:

The Stewards reviewed video evidence and heard from the driver of car eight, Romain Grosjean and the team representative.

Car eight was following car 20 [Kevin Magnussen] at the exit of turn two when car 20 had a momentary loss of control. Car eight avoided car 20 which caused him to loose control of the car to the left of the track at the entry to turn three. The driver explained to the stewards that he felt that his momentum was going to carry him to the center of the track, and therefore made the decision to apply power in an attempt to cross to the right side of the track and get out of the way of the cars behind. However, while crossing he moved into the line of cars 27 and Car 10, and all three cars were involved in a collision that took them out of the race.

The driver stated to the Stewards that he made the decision to cross the track, trying to avoid the other cars and that he felt this was his best option. The Stewards found that while it is speculation as to where the driver’s car would have ended up had he chosen other alternatives, it is certain that while crossing the track in front of the following pack of cars, which he chose to do, that a collision occurred. Further, in reviewing the video, the Stewards found that the car was following the line on the left side of the track and was almost fully off the track, when he made the decision to cross it.

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